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Due Diligence on Maajid Nawaz (MN)

Here is a compilation on Maajid Nawaz’s publicly stated views, and public reporting of him. (ALL sources have been archived lest they be subsequently taken down.)

NOTE: TAKE DOWN requests. NOTHING herein is defamatory. This article is merely a compilation of public direct quotations from Maajid Nawaz or mainstream media reporting of Maajid Nawaz.



Maajid Nawaz: Islam has “history of homophobia”

“Don’t try and tell me that our religion does not have a history of homophobia…” Link.

MN: barring foreigner from UK for leafleting “ALLAH is GAY” is enforcing “medieval Islamic homophobia”

MN: “being a sodomite sounds rather fun.”

“Maajid Nawaz Ridicules Caller Who Says You Can’t Be Gay And Muslim”

“Maajid Nawaz was left astonished when this caller told him it was not possible to be both gay and a Muslim.” … “The statement left Maajid banging his desk. “That’s the shocker brother,” the LBC presenter responded in disbelief.” Link.

MN while berating a Muslim caller: ““It’s a great thing there’s marriage equality isn’t it?” Link.


Enough is Enough on criticism of Israel

“…Maajid Nawaz made this passionate defence of Israel and posed some tough questions for critics of its legitimacy.”

“Enough with this double standard…constantly singling out Israel as somehow being a delegitimate state. I’m tired of it.” Link.

Maajid Nawaz honoured as ‘Beacon of Light’ by pro-Israel charity

MN “given the ‘Beacon of Light’ gong by the pro-Israel charity”. “Over 2,000 households tuned in to the first virtual gala in aid of the charity’s work combatting antisemitism and supporting Israel.” “…Mr Nawaz congratulated StandWithUS student leaders, including Muslim pro-Israel students”. Link


MN: “Anti-zionism *is* anti-semitism”

“Anti-Zionism *is* antisemitism.” Receives plaudits from SussexFriendsofIsrael for “Time & time again” showing understanding.

A now deleted tweet (link).

Maajid Nawaz Gaza tweet: “stop misusing the term Genocide”

MN retweets a tweet mocking Gazans for apparently failing to condemn a terrorist attack in a different country thousands of miles away:


Maajid Nawaz’s sends secret list to Terrorism chief. Guardian: “aligns peaceful Muslim groups with terrorist ideology”

Guardian: “List sent to terror chief aligns peaceful Muslim groups with terrorist ideology”. “‘not for public disclosure’”. Link.

Maajid Nawaz targets “whole industry of activists”, advocacy groups, campaigners for human rights. “Must regulate private Islamic schools”.

“Yet it is not, as many suppose, just a handful of imams who are to blame for this radicalism. There is a whole industry of activists – sometimes in the guise of advocacy groups and campaigners for human rights”

“We must prevent these activists from gaining platforms in our education system. We must regulate private Islamic schools”


Maajid Nawaz defines an Islamist as anyone seeking implementation of Islamic law

MN gripe not restricted to violence. Anyone advocating for the implementation of Islamic law must be “uprooted”. Such a view is “death”


Maajid Nawaz shares article that argues “…we need to talk about Islam”(…)that Extremism is rooted in Islam itself hence Islam itself needs to be reformed

Note: the linked Telegraph can be read here.

Maajid Nawaz is honorary associate and supporter of National Secular Society

National Secular Society campaigns to remove religion from public life and generally challenge “Religious Privilege”. Link.

MN: “I am proud to associate with the NSS and have no qualms in lending my name to the fine cause of British secularism” Link.


Maajid Nawaz tweets “blasphemous” caricature of Muhammad and Jesus

“A Muslim Liberal Democrat candidate has revealed he tweeted a cartoon of Muhammad and Jesus because of his desire to speak freely without fearing a charge of blasphemy” Link

MN’s action and defence of his action outraged many in the Muslim community. The Liberal Democrats (UK political party) send their founder to the airwaves to defend MN and diffuse the situation with the Muslim community. Video here.

MN dismisses 20k petition against him as “blasphemy law supporters”:

MN berates BBC for editing out the cartoon caricature of the Prophet Muhammad:


MN calls for ‘Take off your hijab day’ on Twitter

In a deleted (but archived) series of tweets, MN called for Muslim women to remove their hijabs.

MN: “Why I, as a Muslim, believe the veil must be barred in our schools”

Maajid Nawaz calls for the veil to be banned in school. Link.

MN retweets picture of feminists burning their hijabs in Pakistan

Maajid Nawaz “question[s] why his religion doesn’t have a single female Imam.”



Maajid Nawaz pressurised Muslim woman to condemn Quranic verse

“”What possible context could justify that passage?” is the question Maajid Nawaz posed to this Muslim caller, when she refused to condemn a Quran passage…” Link.

Maajid Nawaz calls Quranic verses on hudood “not morally justifable”

Maajid Nawaz recites a verse from the Quranic in Arabic then asks a Muslim to condemn it. Video here.

MN says “no” he doesn’t agree with the Quranic verse. Regarding a different had punishment he says it is “not morally justifiable” even in a hypothetical ideal Islamic state. He calls the Muslim’s hesitation to condemn “morally reprehensible”.

Later, in a series of tweets (one below) he encouraged others to use this theoretical scenario to corner the Muslim.

“genuinely challenging passages in the quran” “problematic” “They do need to be looked at”

“genuinely challenging passages in the quran”
“if you’re going to defend polygamy, defend slavery…”
“So, of course, there are passages that are problematic. They do need to be looked at…”

Video (at 1:05:01)

Muslims believing Prophet Muhammad married Aisha at 9-11 yrs old tied to Street Grooming


MN asks if Hell will resemble a sexual bondage scene

Believers in Adam and Eve creation are “bonkers”



Maajid Nawaz’s Quilliam Foundation was founded with government money

Set up and funded with excess of £1million of government home office money. Link.It is not clear how much additional funding came for other government departments. E.g. the Foreign & Commonwealth Office funded Quilliam £138,890 for a project in April 2009-2010. Link. See also here.

Focussing on 2009. Numerous meetings with government ministers, sometimes directly funded by the government. Link.

Quilliam Foundation “Contributer” talks of “hating the ideology of Islam” and believes Mohammed is a “paedophile” and a “filthy pig”

Muslim groups mass boycott Quilliam Foundation

“A LARGE number of Australian Muslim organisations have ignored requests from British Muslim counter-extremism campaigner Maajid Nawaz to meet with them.” … “A PROMINENT British Muslim activist in Australia campaigning against Islamic extremism has been snubbed by 45 Muslim organisations, a spokeswoman says.” Link.


MN against parents circumcising their children

“Doing that to a defenceless child, that is unable to speak for itself, with no medical reasons, is not justifiable.” Link.

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